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Storage Specials

Upscale storage at Oak Creek Self Storage is even more affordable with these specials.

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Packing Supplies

We offer boxes, moving kits and moving accessories and more. Our helpful moving supplies are available online and at our facility locations.

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Welcome to Oak Creek Self Storage

Experience the new standard in quality storage at Oak Creek Self Storage. Our brand-new Sedona, Arizona, self storage facility raises the bar high above the competition with convenient features you won’t find anywhere else. Using a variety of advanced security measures, our ideally located facility helps you rest easy knowing your items are in our capable hands.

Oak Creek Self Storage

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Packing list, scissors and a marker next to a box ready to be packed and stored at Oak Creek Self Storage in Sedona, Arizona

Get Organized

Make the best use of the space in your storage unit using the tips below. 

Don’t Waste Any Space: Be sure to fill up every box. By using a mix of heavy and light items, you can keep each box light enough to lift while making sure you can stack without fear that the top of your box will collapse. Some examples of items to mix include kitchenware and kitchen towels or books combined with blankets. 

Label Everything: Not only will labeling save you from a headache down the line, it will help you organize boxes as you load them into your unit. Are there certain items you know you’ll need access to in the near future? By labeling your boxes, you can be sure to place those items close to the door, so they are a breeze to get to. 

Add Aisles: As you fill up your storage unit, be sure to build in a way to access the boxes in the back. By leaving a narrow space to move around between stacks of boxes, you won’t have to remove everything in front to get at something buried in the back. Be sure to stack your boxes with their labels facing your access area. 

For more tricks of the trade to get the most out of your Oak Creek Self Storage unit, contact our professional storage experts.

A Better Self Storage Experience

Conveniently located on East Cortez Drive, just off Highway 179, Oak Creek Self Storage is a state-of-the-art storage facility designed to simplify your moving experience. Our onsite staff is always happy to assist you any way they can. Other modern features include: 

Have questions? We’ve got answers! Contact our storage professionals today and let us know how we can help.

A couple having fun with boxes after they were done packing their things to be stored at Oak Creek Self Storage in Sedona, Arizona