Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

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As spring brings warm weather, new opportunities, and clears away your winter blues, usher in the new season with a thorough spring cleaning day. By deep cleaning your home and getting organized, you’ll enjoy a sense of peace and improved mental health. Ready to start cleaning but not sure where to begin? Read on for spring cleaning tips and a checklist from the experts at Urban Self Storage.

Before Cleaning: Gather Supplies 

Before you start cleaning, make sure you have the products you need. Feel free to tailor our shopping list to your individual needs depending on what rooms you’ll be cleaning and any specific trouble areas that may need more attention. 

  • Organizational bins
  • Sponges or rags for wiping
  • Duster or microfiber cloths
  • Multiple varieties of cleaners – all purpose, bathroom, and window
  • Vacuum
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Mop with bucket or pad mop
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Great playlist and headphones or speaker (optional)

How to Deep Clean: A Checklist

Step 1: Declutter Closets, Drawers, and Rooms

Take some time to clear out clutter in your home before you start deep cleaning. Sort through places you store clothing and other items, like closets, cabinets, sets of drawers, and your under-bed space. Organize items into storage bins labeled keep, donate, sell, or store. 

Step 2: Give Everything a Place

The key to keeping your home clean and organized is to make sure every item has a place. This is where storage bins, drawer organizers, and other types of organizers come in handy. For example, you may use drawer organizers to allocate a spot for all of your socks, while you use a different organizer for your shirts, and another for your pants. 

Apply the “everything has a place” philosophy for every room in your home, not just for your closet. You may use organizers, shelves, and hooks to give everything a place in your kitchen, while you may use a cabinet or cubby system to organize home decor and candles in your living room. 

Step 3: Dust All Surfaces and Wipe With Cleaner

Using a duster or a microfiber cloth and dusting spray, wipe down the falt surface in your home. The key areass to focus on include countertops, shelves, light fixtures, the top of your fridge, and anywhere else where dust accumulates. It’s best to dust first, as you’ll be able to pick up any dust that’s fallen to the floor later, when you sweep and vacuum.

One of the best ways to eliminate germs in your most-used spaces is wiping down surfaces often, spraying them with all-purpose cleaner, and using a cloth or with disposable disinfectant wipes. This step is especially important for kitchen countertops, where you prepare food.

Step 4: Vacuum Carpet and Sweep Floors

Be sure to sweep hardwood, vinyl, and tile floors and vacuum up dirt and dust from your carpet while giving areas near your door extra attention.

Step 5: Mop and/or Wash Your Carpet for a Deep Clean

After you’ve wiped down surfaces, swept, and vacuumed, a good thorough mopping is the best way to wrap up a good cleaning session, plus it will leave your home smelling fresh and clean.

Spring Cleaning Hacks

In addition to following our helpful checklist, try out some of these deep cleaning tips and cleaning hacks:

  • Use a laundry basket to gather all of the clutter from a room quickly
  • Set a timer on your phone or oven for thirty minutes, and clean until it goes off
  • Keep a dish brush with soap in your shower and clean with every use
  • Dust ceiling fan blades using a pillow case, preventing dust from getting on the floor
  • Place a cup of boiling water with lemon in the microwave and let sit 10 minutes, then wipe

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