Self Storage Tips for University of Washington Students

Two college roommates laugh while packing up their dorm and moving boxes

In this blog, Urban Self Storage’s experienced professionals are here to share student storage tips for University of Washington students, with advice for staying organized as well as packing up your dorm and storing items over break.

College Dorm Organization and Student Storage Tips

Since space is so limited in dorms, you’ll want to use every square foot of storage space wisely. With a good storage strategy, even the smallest dorms can feel decluttered and comfortable. We’re here to share our advice for making the most out of the space you have.

Use All of Your Vertical Space

The term “vertical space” simply means all of the space from the top of your ceiling to the surface of your floor. When you live in a small room, you’ll want to make sure you’re utilizing your vertical space to the fullest, which can be easily overlooked. 

A great way to use vertical space is by lofting your bed up high and using the space below for a desk and chair. If your dorm bed can’t be lofted, use the space under your bed to store off-season clothing, seasonal decorations, and other items you don’t use frequently. You can also use hanging organizers or floating shelves to take advantage of the vertical space in your dorm or apartment.

Try Over-Door Storage Organizers

Many stores sell organizers that hang on the top of your door, with compartments you can use for shoes or clothing. If you have your own bathroom you could use an over-door organizer for personal care items like shampoo bottles, lotions, and perfumes.

Establish Entryway Storage Options

A wooden storage hanger and shelf holds keys, a backpack, and plants in the entryway of a student dorm.

Clutter often accumulates near the doorway, where you’ll find yourself taking off your shoes or dropping your bags after class. To combat this clutter, implement storage systems right next to your door, with hooks, cubbies, or a cabinet. For items you’ll frequently grab as you head out the door, like your keys, consider using a wall hook. If you live with several roommates, invest in a shoe rack, where you can take off wet boots or muddy shoes right at the door. 

Dorm Packing Tips

When it comes to moving out of student housing, you may find yourself staring at a messy dorm, unsure of where to start. Every college student has been there and we’ve got you covered. Try out some of our tips for packing your dorm and cleaning it out so you can start enjoying your summer break plans. 

Gather Supplies for Packing

Prepare to pack and move by stocking up on moving supplies that will help you keep everything organized. While the supplies you’ll need can vary depending on what you need to pack, some basics we recommend you get include:

  • Boxes or storage containers
  • Markers and post-it notes for labeling
  • Paper wrap, crumpled newspaper, or towels for cushioning
  • Packing tape (if using cardboard boxes)

Choose packing materials based on your specific needs. While reusable plastic bins may cost more up-front, you can reuse them over and over again. If budget is your biggest concern, opt for cardboard boxes, which cost less. Some department stores and grocery stores may even give away extra boxes for free if you ask. 

Clean Out Closets First

A college student cleans out a closet, selecting shirts to place in a donation box

Before you get around to packing up your room, start by clearing out your closets, chests of drawers, and other places where you store items. This way, as you clean out chests of drawers, wardrobes, and other furniture items, you’ll be ready to pack and move them. 

As you clean out closets and furniture, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to sell, donate, or throw out clothing and other items you don’t need anymore. You’ll also want to decide what to do with seasonal items, like coats, winter clothing, and holiday decorations, since you won’t need them again until the weather cools down. A great solution for items you don’t want to haul home that you’ll need again later, a self storage unit can give you the extra space to store your extra items. 

Move Room-By-Room

When cleaning out a college dorm or apartment, it’s best to take it room-by-room, especially if you live in a space with a bathroom and or living room attached. If you’ve recruited family or friends to help, consider assigning them each to a room and giving them storage containers and labels.

Clean As You Go

Don’t forget to thoroughly clean your dormitory before you leave to avoid possible fines. This is also an important step if you’re renting an apartment as it can help you can get your security deposit back. If you have multiple rooms in your dorm, deep clean each of them as you empty out your belongings. Make sure to do one final walk through before you leave, ensuring everything is clean and in good repair. 

Find Storage For UW Students at Urban Self Storage

If you have items you’ll need again next school year but don’t want to haul home, a student storage unit from Urban Self Storage is the perfect solution. Thanks to our flexible month-to-month leasing, we’re a great option for summer storage or even study abroad storage. We offer a wide variety of storage unit sizes, so you can find the right size for your needs.
We offer storage near University of Washington in multiple locations, including Roosevelt Self Storage, just one and a half miles north of campus, and Fremont Heated Storage, just around two miles to the east. Get started today by selecting one of our Seattle storage facilities, then rent online by choosing your storage unit and following the online instructions. 

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