Storing Your Christmas Decorations for the Year

Tinsel and ornaments in a festive box of holiday decorations

Like any kind of seasonal decoration, Christmas decoration storage can strain your home’s organizational system. While your closet space may be open and ready for use while the holiday lights are up, you may find a sudden lack of storage space in the new year when it is time to pack up. 

At Urban, we are experts in finding the right fit for every storage problem. We are a name you can trust, with a wide selection of units, locations near you, a helpful storage size guide, and years of storage experience. Learn more about our tips and tricks to help you get organized this holiday season so you can have the holiday decoration storage space you need to stay tidy the whole year. 

Get Rid of Debris From Your Decorations

There are many ways to approach holiday decoration storage, but the best method is to go piece by piece. Before diving into the cleaning process, address the immediate aftermath of holiday decor. Begin by removing large items like Christmas trees from your living space, creating room for a thorough cleanup. To tackle the mess left behind, consider these tips:

Tinsel. Gently vacuum or use a lint roller to collect loose tinsel without damaging surfaces.

Fake snow. Shake and pat down artificial snow outdoors to prevent it from scattering inside.

Glitter. Use a damp cloth or lint roller to pick up glitter from floors and surfaces.

Tape residue on walls. Apply a small amount of cooking oil to the adhesive residue, allowing it to loosen before gently scraping it off.

Use this newly opened area to keep your process organized, as the steps ahead require room to move items around.

Get Organized Through Sorting

Separate boxes of holiday decorations help this person stay organized

With the space cleared, seize the opportunity to assess the condition of your decorations. Sorting through your holiday items helps you declutter and ensures you only keep what’s in good shape for the next festive season. Recognize that some decorations may wear out over time, making it necessary to bid farewell to a broken string of lights or worn-out ornaments. This proactive approach saves storage space and ensures you start the next holiday season with a pristine collection.

We recommend setting up three bins: one for storage, one for donation, and one for trash. Some decorations may break with time, so understandably, you may have a dead string of lights to throw out. On the other hand, you may decide you no longer want to deal with the stress of hanging decorations along your roof, so give them away to someone who can keep them in use. This can help you save space as you store and ensure you start your next holiday season quickly and without clutter.

Keep Your Decorations Ready for Next Year

Efficiency is the cornerstone of an organized approach to storing Christmas decorations for the upcoming year. Designate a specific area to house all your festive items, facilitating a seamless transition from one holiday season to the next.

Choose spacious, sturdy bins for easy transport and storage, categorize decorations into indoor and outdoor varieties, and take organization a step further by sorting them based on the room they belong to. To safeguard delicate items, use newspaper or Bubble Wrap to prevent breakage during the moving process. And don’t forget to ask your local facility about packing supplies available for purchase.

This approach helps you save time and stress the following year, avoiding the need to find last-minute replacements for broken or deteriorated decorations. Once your decorative possessions are organized and ready for storage, let Urban help you find the space for them to stay all year long.

Rent an Urban Self Storage Unit for Year-Round Space

A self storage unit can help you avoid a cluttered attic space full of boxes

As you embark on the post-holiday organizational journey, the convenience of Urban Self Storage’s secure and spacious facilities is a must-have. Our storage units offer the perfect solution for year-round Christmas decorations storage. By decluttering your living space and entrusting your holiday items to Urban Self Storage, you ensure they remain safe and easily accessible when the next festive season arrives. And when the time comes to put your decorations back up, they’ll be waiting for you, ready for use in your easily accessible unit.
Make the smart choice—declutter your Christmas decorations in an Urban Self Storage unit today and experience the peace of mind that comes with hassle-free holiday decoration storage. Contact us to get started today!

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