How Do I Pack My Dorm Room for the Summer?

A college student is packing her dorm room into boxes with headphones on.

Preparing your dorm and packing your belongings for the summer can feel overwhelming. In this blog, discover efficient packing and summer storage tips to make the process smoother and stress-free! We’re here to assist you in packing away your dorm room essentials, ensuring you optimize your space and time to the fullest.

Start Organizing Early

Begin decluttering your dorm before finals start, as studying will soon take up all your time. It would be best to start organizing in March or April while there’s still plenty of time in the semester. Get rid of any unnecessary loose papers, flyers, and trash, and don’t forget to tidy up key areas such as the closet and under the bed.

Sort Before Packing

Before you pack all your belongings away, take some time to organize them. Identify the clothes and shoes you’ll need in the summer and set them aside. Group similar items together, such as school and desk materials, toiletries, and other daily necessities. Now is an opportune moment to discard extra trash and choose the items you won’t mind storing for a couple of months.

Pack Away Out-of-Season Clothes

First, separate your clothes by season and determine what to store until next semester. Clothing can easily pile up in a dorm, so ensure all items are accounted for and have a designated spot. Maximize space by rolling clothes like T-shirts, jeans, and socks. Avoid vacuum sealing, however, as it causes wrinkles, and the lack of air can permanently damage the fabric.

Keep Items Clean and Boxes Light

As you pack offseason clothing, ensure your items are clean. Dirty laundry, sheets, and towels can cause an odor and attract bugs. Cleanliness is crucial to preventing mold and mildew, which can be detrimental to your belongings. Make sure packed boxes weigh under 30 pounds to reduce the risk of the cardboard breaking. Explore our selection of moving supplies, including tape, boxes, and various packing materials.

Utilize Labels and Lists

Use a permanent marker or stick-on labels to mark every box for easy identification later. Create a list detailing the contents of each box as well. Though it can take a bit of time initially, it’ll be immensely helpful when you’re looking for specific items in the future. 

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