How To Choose the Best Boxes and Containers For Storage

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Packing your items, preparing for storage, and moving is already one of the most stressful events you and your loved ones will have to go through. On top of the stress of moving, you also have to find enough quality boxes and storage containers to hold all of your belongings. Finding cardboard storage boxes and storage containers for clothing is not always easy. In fact, it only adds to the moving difficulties. While it’s tempting to visit your favorite local coffee shop to see if they have any extra boxes from this week’s milk delivery, Urban Self Storage has some tips on how to choose the best boxes and containers for storage. 

The Best Boxes for Self Storage

Different types of boxes have different purposes when it comes to self storage. Some boxes are better suited for more fragile items, while some are perfect for heavier items. Make sure you intentionally pack your items so that they are in the box best suited for their protection. 

Metal Storage Containers

Often, metal and plastic storage containers are the most convenient boxes to use. While they might cost a little bit more, they can be used in more ways and are more sustainable than those cardboard boxes. If there’s ever a situation where water gets near your stored items in your basement or on the move, metal and plastic containers will hold up more than cardboard. 

Heavier metal and plastic containers are great for packing away heavier, less fragile items like books. Packing books in lightweight cardboard boxes increases the likelihood of the bottom breaking and makes them easier to carry. Books, shoes, and office supplies are great to be stored in these heavier storage container options. 

Corrugated Boxes

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While metal storage containers are great for those heavier and less fragile items, corrugated cardboard boxes are great for your more fragile items like dishes or pictures. Metal storage boxes are more sturdy but also have less give. Items bumping the sides of the container could sustain more damage than if they were transported in a cardboard box.

Corrugated boxes differ from your standard cardboard boxes because there are additional layers in the outside of the box, compared to the single-layer cardboard box. These additional layers provide more cushion for breakable items like dishes, mugs, and picture frames. Often, these boxes have dividers that give additional support to these more fragile items. 

Some additional tips for packing more fragile items are to individually wrap each item, pack heavier items at the bottom, and pack items vertically instead of horizontally. 

Boxes for Clothing 

No one wants to move a dresser that’s full of clothes. Sometimes, you have extra clothes that don’t quite fit in those drawers. One option is to use those extra T-shirts as packing materials in other boxes. Wrapping mugs and glasses in T-shirts when you pack them provides an added layer of protection to your fragile dishes while also giving you a spot to put that extra T-shirt. However, you might still have some extra clothes that don’t fit or that you don’t want to use as bubble wrap. 

If you have a collection of hanging clothes that you want to keep neat and on their hangers, consider a portable closet. This can be used in storage to hang these dress clothes, so they aren’t folded in a box. When you go to move the clothes, wrap them in a trash bag while still on their hanger. This lets you grab more clothes at once and makes them less likely to fall to the ground. The trash bag can also keep dust and grime off them while in transit or storage. 

Where To Find Boxes

Boxes for moving can be hard to come by and can be expensive. In order to get the most out of the boxes you use for moving, consider investing in some of the heavier-duty plastic and metal containers that can be repurposed after the move. These containers, available at most any general goods store, can double down as holiday and winter clothes storage. 

Corrugated boxes and other cheaper cardboard boxes are going to be most accessible in bulk at home goods stores. 

How To Pack Boxes in Storage 

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Now that you have your storage boxes bought and packed, it’s time to put them in storage. While this might seem like the easy part, there’s still a lot to consider. The first is deciding what size storage unit you need. If you aren’t sure, visit Urban Self Storage’s size guide to determine what size storage unit fits your needs best.

Make sure you pack those heavier metal and plastic containers on the bottom or floor of the storage unit. Since these items are sturdier, they’ll create a better base for placing other items on top. This will free up a lot of extra storage space for your items. Placing these items on the bottom also helps in the off chance any water gets into your unit. Just as you would in your own basement, keeping those cardboard boxes off of the ground is a precaution worth taking.

When stacking boxes, be sure that no fragile items are leaning on the edge too much. The last thing you want is for one of these boxes to fall while you are not there. Keeping them in a secured area is a great extra step to making sure they stay safe while in storage. 

How To Choose the Right Storage Unit 

Not all storage units are the same, and you should make sure your storage unit fits your needs. If you have heavier items, make sure there’s drive-up accessibility. If you are storing musical instruments or more delicate items, be sure to invest in climate-controlled storage. Whatever your case is, make sure your storage unit fits your storage needs.

Moving and storing your items can be a stressful experience. Don’t let the choice of storage unit add any extra stress to this experience. Visit Urban Self Storage today to see what locations best fit your storage needs. If you still have questions about storing with Urban Self Storage, contact us today. 

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