Homeowner’s Guide to Holiday Lighting

A home decorated in Christmas lights with green roof lights, white lights wrapped around trees, and glowing displays in a snowy yard

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s time to start getting excited to celebrate with family and friends. An essential part of ringing in the season is decking out your home in festive decor. If you’re having trouble deciding how to approach holiday decorating, this guide will help. We’ll give you dazzling holiday lighting ideas and safety tips to help you celebrate with ease.

Holiday Lighting Ideas

Accent Your Home’s Architecture With Lights

Classic roof lights are a tried and true way to decorate your home for the holidays. For a simple, classy look, run Christmas lights around the lines and curves of your home. You can incorporate white lights if you prefer understated decor, or go all out with bright rainbow strands. If your family celebrates Hanukkah, you can even opt to hang blue and white lights.

Spruce Up Windows and Doorways

If you’re new to holiday lighting, getting up on your roof can be daunting. An alternative to using the latter is by hanging lights around ground-level windows and doorways. You can also pair lights with faux spruce garlands for a classic, cozy look. If you’re feeling creative, you could even make a festive wreath for your front door, using supplies from a local craft store.

Illuminate Your Walkway

A fun and easy way to show your holiday spirit is by lining your walkway or driveway with decorations. You can find all sorts of ground lights and yard signs in stores, in a wide variety of colors and designs. You could opt for white and blue snowflakes, red and white candy canes, or even cute snowmen. Lighting up your walkway will also help you welcome holiday guests safely, making it a practical and fun decor idea.

Try a Light Projector

If you love decorating for the holidays but don’t love untangling lights or setting up elaborate decorations, a light projector can be a great option. You’ll find light projectors that display all sorts of designs from festive snowflakes to tiny menorahs. Basic projectors can cost just $30 or less, while more advanced projectors that offer multiple designs can run above $100. A light projector is a great way to save money on holiday lighting.

Keep it Low Effort With Yard Standees or Inflatables

Yard standees and inflatables allow you to decorate with cute characters and animals. If you love sparkling decorations, opt for a lighted tinsel yard decoration. A large inflatable character is a great low-effort option as well, especially if you have kiddos. You can find inflatables of many popular cartoon characters from TV shows and movies, sure to add some joy to your lawn.

Holiday Lighting Safety Tips

As you set up your festive yard display, it’s crucial to follow proper safety precautions to reduce your risk of fire or injury. We urge you to:

  • Ensure all lights you plan on displaying outdoors are intended for outdoor use
  • Double-check all lights and replace any broken bulbs
  • Look for the UL seal, which certifies lights have been properly tested
  • Use a cord meant for outdoor use and cover it to keep it dry
  • Opt for hangers, instead of nails and tacks, which can cause electrical shocks
  • Turn off lights at night, or use a timer

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