All of the packing supplies you need for self storage in Seattle, WA

Packing Supplies

Packing supplies are an important part of any move, whether you’re relocating or just moving a few things into storage. At Skyway Self Storage in Seattle, WA, we believe that preparation is the key to success. A job is infinitely easier when you have the proper tools.

At Skyway Self Storage we sell the packing and moving supplies you need for a successful move. Our knowledgeable and professional staff will be happy to assist you in choosing the appropriate supplies.

We offer:

  • Specialty boxes
  • Cushioning – packing peanuts & bubble wrap
  • Labels
  • Permanent markers
  • Specialty packing kits
  • And more

Stop by or contact Skyway Self Storage today for more information on the products we have available. Let us make your moving day easier. We are your one stop shop in West Hill for all things packing and storage.

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Couple making moving into self storage a breeze in Seattle, WA

Packing Tips

Purchasing packing supplies is a great first step towards getting organized, but what you do with those supplies is just as important. At Skyway Self Storage we want to help you out. Here are a few of our favorite packing tips:

Replace Old Boxes – Reusing boxes is smart, reusing them when they are dilapidated and falling apart is not. Protect your belongings by purchasing new boxes to replace the ones that have sagging corners, rips or tears.

Store Books on Their Side – Do not store any bound object on its spine - this can cause damage.

Cushion Fragile Items – Bubble wrap exists for more than the joy of popping the bubbles. It helps protect your belongings by providing multiple points of contact to more evenly distribute outside forces. Face the bubbles inward for greater protection.