Self storage in Seattle, Washington provides secure units.

Commercial Storage

At Seattle Self Storage, we're in the business of making sure your business has enough space to thrive. Is your business growing? Under renovation? Moving? Commercial storage in Seattle at Seattle Self Storage may be the answer to uncertainties around your company. Here are a few reasons why commercial storage will work for your business.

Excess Inventory?
Are you adding an eCommerce element to your sales? Would having a space to store seasonal inventory when it's not out on your sales floor benefit your business? Are you preparing to move to a larger space and need somewhere to store excess inventory in the mean time? No matter your reason, we have commercial storage space that is perfectly suited for your extra inventory. All of our units are heated to help you regulate the temperature of the items you store.

Businesses undergoing renovations may benefit from commercial storage as a temporary place to store their furnishings and other items in the way during construction. Clear the renovation area and protect items from the dust created by construction.

Need Extra Space?
Do you have old files and records collecting dust and taking up valuable space? Reclaim the space in your location to allow growth and give yourself and your staff some room to breath.

Visit Seattle Self Storage today to see how we can help your business thrive with commercial storage solutions geared towards your specific needs.

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