All of the packing supplies you need for self storage in Seattle, WA

Packing Supplies

Packing supplies are the key ingredients to any move. Are you planning on moving furniture or storing artwork? Do you have valuables that need protecting? Is it time to replace your storage boxes? At Roosevelt Self Storage we sell the most comprehensive line of packing and moving supplies in Northeast Seattle. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you prepare for your next packing project.

Did you know that the structural integrity of a box could degrade over time? You may be putting your belongings at risk if you’ve been using and reusing the same old boxes year after year. The same can be said for other packaging materials. Before your next move, we recommend investing in the following essential supplies:

  • Boxes – Various Sizes
  • Furniture Pads
  • Packaging Tape
  • Labels – Preprinted or Blank
  • Bubble Wrap and/or Packing Peanuts

Save yourself some peace of mind on moving day and contact Roosevelt Self Storage for more information on the packing supplies available for purchase in our office.

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Couple making moving into self storage a breeze in Seattle, WA

Packing Tips

Preparation is the key to success for any activity, but especially when you’re planning a move. We’ve put together a few tips to ensure your next packing project is a success:

Don’t Skimp on Supplies – Boxes, packaging tape and bubble wrap are all essential to any move. Skimping on the proper moving supplies may backfire later.

Use Furniture Wrap – If you haven’t heard of furniture wrap before, get in line. It is a critically underused moving supply. When you plan to store an upholstered item for a long period of time, it is important to protect it. Furniture wrap prevents dust from settling in and moisture from causing mold and mildew.

Pack Like Items Together – Your belongings are easier to find when your boxes have been clearly labeled and like items have been packed together.