Self storage in Seattle, Washington provides secure units.

Commercial Storage

At Magnolia Bridge Self Storage, we're in the business of making sure your business has the opportunity to thrive. While we may not be involved in your day-to-day operations, we offer commercial storage options that will allow your business the chance to grow without the hiccups of having no place to store extra inventory, equipment and old files and records.

How Commercial Storage Can Help You:

  • Individually alarmed units provide peace of mind in storing your items, which allows you to get back to conducting business as usual.
  • Storing extra equipment at Magnolia Bridge Self Storage gives you more space at your business location. Use that space to declutter, to showcase the inventory your have, or bask in the openness. Commercial storage gives you room to breathe.
  • Magnolia Bridge Self Storage has all heated units, which makes it the perfect place to storage business records, old files you don't access very often or extra inventory.
  • Business storage in Seattle allows you to stay competitive. When you're not worrying about where to store extra inventory or equipment you can concentrate on growing and advancing your business in the competitive Seattle marketplace.
  • By freeing up square footage at your business location, your clients will feel at ease in your space.

No matter what industry your business falls into, you can rest easy knowing that Magnolia Bridge Self Storage is in the business of helping and supporting your company in a time when you have storage needs. Contact us today for more information about commercial storage in Seattle.

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