Easy, cheap, and secure storage units in Seattle, WA

Commercial Storage

At Belltown Self Storage our business is helping yours grow. How do we do it? By providing area businesses with economical commercial storage solutions. With more than 60 different sizes to choose from, your business is sure to find a unit to suit your needs. Whether you work in the Columbia Center or own a funky consignment shop on 1st Street, our commercial storage in Seattle is designed to bring you peace of mind.

How Commercial Storage Can Help Your Business:

  • Do you need somewhere to store your business records and paperwork? Belltown Self Storage offers long-term document storage.
  • Our facility is heated. Why does that matter? It rains in Seattle. A lot. These changes in humidity can adversely affect the amount of moisture making its way into your storage unit. Heated storage helps to prevent moisture from invading your space, which in turn helps prevent document damage.
  • Commercial storage offers your business an offsite storage solution for your excess inventory, equipment and other wares. That means more space in your office. What you do with that space is up to you.
  • Seattle is a competitive town. Storage gets you organized so you can make better use of your time, like developing new business ideas or reaching out to potential clients.

No matter your business, no matter the industry, Belltown Self Storage is here to help. For more information on commercial storage in downtown Seattle, contact us today.

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