All of the packing supplies you need for self storage in Olympia, WA

Packing Supplies

Sure, who hasn’t tried to seal a box with scotch tape, or label a packing box with a dull pencil? There’s a better way. Cottonwood Cool Storage stocks all the good stuff to make your move in day fast, easy, and stress free. The real payoff is, when you pack your belongings with quality packing supplies, your items are in the same good shape coming out as when they went in. Store with us, and there’s no guesswork. Our Cottonwood, AZ, storage professionals will set you up with the perfect boxes and protective materials for you.


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Couple making moving into self storage a breeze in Olympia, WA

Moving Supplies

  • Marking Pens
  • Sealing Tape
  • Packing Paper
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Stretch Film
  • Sturdy Boxes
  • Tie Down Supplies
  • Furniture Covers
  • Packing Kits
  • Locks

Specialty boxes like wardrobe boxes are useful for packing more than coats and dresses. Use them to keep drapes and linens pristine until you’re ready to unpack them again.

Pack Like a Pro

A few tips and tricks go a long way to streamlining the packing process. With a solid plan in place, your belongings will remain in top shape and easily accessible for as long as you store them. Here are some suggestions from the self storage professionals at Cottonwood Cool Storage.


Make a List – Write a master list of everything you want to store. It will be a customized map for your storage unit, and the key to finding your treasures fast.

Sort by Size – Once you’ve organized by type (or by room), group objects into like sizes. The goal is to fill each box completely, so they will stack without getting crushed. Be sure to wrap fragile items extra well, and stack them on top.

Label Clearly – Effective labels will be numbered and say what’s inside. Ideally, label more than one side and use a permanent marker.

Clear a Path – For larger storage units, create a center aisle to make access and organization simple.

Our heated and cooled storage units help to keep your things at an ideal temperature to minimize environmental impact. Thoughtful packing is the other important piece to making sure your belongings keep their integrity. Shop for supplies online, or shop the inventory at our Cottonwood Cool Storage office.