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Moving Guide

For many, if not most people, moving is somewhat of a dreaded experience. Organizing all your belongings, sorting through what you’d like to put in self storage, getting things packed and then making the big move can seem daunting. But Urban Self Storage is here for you. Our first tip – fear not! You can do this. Second tip – if you are feeling slightly overwhelmed and need advise, talk to us at Urban Self Storage. We are pros when it comes to the moving game.

Getting Organized

Let’s talk organization first. You should probably start throwing things into motion six weeks to two months before your actual move. During that period you should get the pen and paper out and make a list of the items you want in your new home and the items going in self storage. Think about what needs to be moved by a professional moving company versus those you can move yourself. Do your research on professional moving companies and then get estimates from those you like the most. Don’t forget that many moving expenses are tax deductible so keep a file folder with receipts from the move. Are you moving to a new community? Then you might want to find out about the schools, parks, recreation, and community programs from the local Chamber of Commerce or Visitor's Bureau. And place all your medical records in a safe place – that includes prescriptions and vaccination records.

Family moving guide to having a stress free experience with Urban Self Storage

Five Weeks and Counting…

You are getting closer now and feeling more confident. Keep it up! Now is the time to register your kids in their new schools, contact the U.S. Post Office to get your change-of-address filed, get in touch with all your utilities companies to let them know about your change of address and to schedule anything that needs to be turned off at your current address. And start rounding up those moving and packing supplies. Do you have pets? Find someone to look after them during the time you are dealing with your move and also find out about local veterinarians in your new community. Now is the time to start packing those items going into your self storage unit. Things you consider particularly fragile should go with you in your car and not in a moving van.

The Time Has Come and You Are Ready!

By now you have marked and labeled all your boxes, especially noting the ones that are fragile. You also have made sure that your moving company has the exact road address of the self storage facility. And, to be especially smart, you’ve packed a separate box (or boxes) with items you will need as soon as you get to your new home. Make sure that your closets, drawers, shelves, attic, and garage totally cleared out. The items that you have going to storage should likely be packed last by movers so they can be the first off when the truck gets to your self storage facility. While the items are being unloaded, do your best to make sure that they have not been damaged. And sorry as we are to have to remind you, if you are moving to a new state you’ll need to get a new driver’s license. But that’s the least of your worries – you’ve done it!